Silk Finish & Silk Finish Multi 50wt
Mettler Silk-Finish is the ideal thread when sewing cotton and especially for piecing and quilting. Mettler Silk-Finish is high strength and non-shrink.

Art 9105 - 164 yd Art 9104—500 yd - Color Card
Art 9075—164 yd (Multi) Art 9085—500 yd (Multi)
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Polyester Sewing Thread
Whether on cotton, synthetics, mixed textiles, linens, or even silk, Mettler Metrosene makes for smooth seams. And because Mettler has given Metrosene the ideal gliding properties, elaborate tension adjustments are finally a thing of the past.

Art 9161—164yd
Art 9145—500 yd
Art 9146—55 yd

Art 9155—1100 yd
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SIlk Finish Cotton 40wt
Whether hidden or highlighted as decorative stitching, Mettler quilting thread 40wt turns creativity into art. Made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, this thread has excellent sewing qualities - by hand or machine.

Art 9136—164 yd
Art 9135—500 yd
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Polysheen Embroidery & Polysheen ‘Multi’
This thread has all the advantages of rayon, and much more besides. All tests confirm it. Better elongation and a 50% improvement in tensile strength mean a huge increase in stitch consistency. No breaking threads to interrupt your work. And even under the most demanding conditions, the trilobal polyester thread keeps its brilliance. All that, plus 351 colors and two spool sizes. No one offers more. So it's time to say goodbye to rayon; the future belongs to Mettler Poly Sheen®.

Art 3406 164 yd - Color Card (Download .pdf)
Art2596 500 yd -

Art 4820 220yd Polysheen Multi:
Art 4880 875yd Polysheen Multi: - Color Card (Download .pdf)

Silk Finish Cotton 60wt
Iis the perfect piecing, quilting and fine embroidery thread which can be sewn on batiste, tulle, cotton, linen, terry cloth and much more. This high-quality thread turns embroidery designs and decorative stitches into individual masterpieces. SILK-FINISH COTTON 60 is made of 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton which creates a soft, smooth and silk-like feel. Through the special dyeing technique, SILK-FINISH COTTON 60 stays extremely colourfast for years.

Available in up to 214 colours and 3 featuring size(s). Not all products have worldwide availability.
Art 9240 220yd
Art 9248 875yd

Color Card (Download .pdf)

The all-rounder in the Mettler overlock threads, masters all classic needlework with ease. It can be used in the entire overlock range and has outstanding seam elasticity combined with a filigree look.

SERACOR has a strong core, around which the smooth fibers are spun. This gives the thread its matt appearance. Ideal for borders and all classic overlock applications.

Available in up to 50 colours and 2 featuring size(s).
Art 2227

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Mettler thread sets
Are the perfect way to start off a thread collection.
Sets available for all popular Mettler thread, just ask for details.

Download Full Range Brochure Thread Set .pdf (2.6mb)

Mettler Conversion Charts
In recent years Mettler has change the Article/Color number of many threads.
Please click below for a conversion chart showing old/new number changes.
Silk Finish Art: 9104/9105, 9135/9136, 9240/9248, 9075/9085.
Metrosene Art: 9145/9155/9161