Schmetz Needles

When you think of a quality sewing needle, you think Schmetz. Since 1851 Schmetz has been the leading manufacturer of quality sewing machine needles in the world.
We are happy to supply needles by the card or box of 10 cards.
We also offer a range of bulk needles of 100 needles per box

Some common needle types available.

Please contact us for details of the full range of needles available.

SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade needles!


There is a new needle in town . . . SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade needles! Power Quilters, Embroidery Enthusiasts and Stitch Mavens are sewing faster and more intensely than ever. New home sewing machines are built to sew faster than ever - 1000 stitches/minute and more. SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade is the perfect sewing partner.

  • Chrome resists heat.

  • Chrome resists wear. That little needle takes a beating stitch by stitch and it gets hot. 

  • Chrome will stay cool longer with less stitch distortion. 

  • Chrome aids the thread to pass through the needle eye with less friction and less heat build-up. 

  • Chrome also allows the needle to pass through the fabric with less resistance.

For years Chrome has been the needle choice by industry professionals, and now SCHMETZ® Chrome is available for our home sewing machines.

SCHMETZ® Color Code Chart

Did you know that SCHMETZ® is color coding their home sewing needles (needle system 130/705 H)? Most, but not all, household needles now have two bands of color. The top color band indicates needle type and the lower color band indicates needle size. Due to special features, SCHMETZ® Universal, Hemstitch, Double Eye, and Quick Threading needles only have one color band to identify needle size.