YLI Thread



Soft Touch

Tex 18 Wt 60   60/2 100% Egyptian Extra Long Staple Cotton, G&M

Soft Touch is a very fine cotton.

That makes it great for piecing - especially if you are making sharp points or working where lots of blocks come together. We offer neutral colors in several put-ups for piecers. 

That also makes it great for bobbins because it goes a long, long way. High end embroidery machines love Soft Touch in the bobbin!

Finally, that makes it great for applique - especially if you are a cotton fan. We offer 28 nice applique colors on small snapspool.

Color Card (Download .pdf)


Pearl Crown Rayon

If you want a beautiful serged edge, couched designs or bobbin work, or handwork on a crazy quilt, Pearl Crown Rayon, a thick, highly twisted shiny rayon will do the trick.



Jean Stitch

Tex 60 Wt 12 Spun Polyester

Heavy spun polyester for quilting, serging, crafts, and any time you want your thread to make a statement.



Candlelight is a metallic yarn that makes beautiful serged edges and spices up any crazy quilt. Not for the needle - use for loopers, couching, bobbin work, or hand.   

Color Card (Download .pdf)               

Wonder Invisible

Tex 8 Wt 106  .004 Nylon Monofilament  1500yd spool

Wonder Invisible is a very popular thin, clear monofilament. Use it for stitch-in-the-ditch, hand or machine applique, quilting when you don't want the thread to show, apparel hemming. Use the Smoke shade for darker fabrics. Contrary to widespread misinformation, Wonder nylon monofilament will not melt with a home iron - but we also offer a Poly version for those who refuse to believe.

Woolly Nylon

Woolly Nylon is a textured nylon serger thread with some stretch. It "bulks" when tension is eased making it perfect for overedge seams. Use it for all your knits. It makes a great decorative edge for napkins and tablecloths.     
Color Card (Download .pdf